ARTIST FOCUS   -   05.01.2020

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A meteoric rise !

Bauwz is a remarkably talented composer. From Dubstep to Trap and Future Bass, in less than 2 years, this French artist fresh out of the shadows has signed the biggest Trap and Future Bass labels such as Trap Nation, Trap City, Nightblue, Tribal Trap and many more, but it hasn't been easy. 

Bauwz's already hit more than 4 million Youtube views and 2 million streams... But who's this guy ?

After a few releases in 2018 introducing him into the big league, he releases ​"Night Move"​,

a collaboration with Jurgaz released on Tribal Trap, a punchy track between hip hop beat, futurist sound and electro synth, closely followed by ​"Downfall"​, a solo track that will mark his Future Bass identity, displaying ​+420K streams and ​+900K​ views on Youtube.

A mysterious artist


Bauwz is a French artist from Bordeaux, still unknown on stage. Discreet in the media as well as on social networks, while he has spent many years composing solo and quickly climbing the charts on the sly from his studio, he now plans to take the plunge and want to show what Bauwz can deliver in live. Thanks to his large audience and his already acquired fans, there is no doubt that he will join big line-ups within a few months... Keep an eye on him !

His futuristic and bewitching style allowed him to gain the trust of famous artists such as ​Marshmello, Slushii, Showtek ​or Brooks​ who supported him on many occasions.

With a steady stream of impressive releases on a variety of different imprints, Bauwz has attracted worldwide attention and counts over ​100K​ listeners per month on Spotify !

Here is the full discography of BAUWZ on Spotify !


ARTIST FOCUS   -   May 01st, 2020

  • Hi BAUWZ, thanks for being with us today! BAUWZ is a rather enigmatic artist, who is hiding behind this character?


Behind this character is a creative 29 year old now... (no longer a young haha). I've been living in Bordeaux for 10 years now and started producing about 5 years ago. My first loves were Dubstep and Complextro, I ended up evolving with my time and I gradually moved towards Trap and Future Bass.


  • We discovered you on the biggest trap / future bass labels like Trap Nation or Nightblue, how do you organize your production process and what are your relationships with these labels ? 

My creative process is very random, I would say that in the majority of cases I find a sample or a synth that inspires me and I try to produce as much as I can in 1 or 2 hours, depending on what happens I either continue and finish the song or start another one etc... In reality I really have to finish one track out of 5 barely. I had a lot of trouble signing with this kind of labels in the beginning, because there are a lot of people who aspire to sign with them, but once the machine is launched and the first track is signed, the labels are less and less reluctant to sign behind it again. I'm very lucky to have been able to create connections with the A/R of the labels I've signed with, which now allows me to have a relatively large support on Spotify & Youtube.


  • We don't have the chance to see you on stage yet, is it something that attracts you or do you prefer to work in the studio?


I've never been on stage before, I really like working in the studio, but doing shows in the future is not excluded, it will depend on the opportunities that come up!


  • Considering the millions of streams you've made in just 2 years, we can't wait to see what happens next, what do you have in store for us soon ?


I don't know the long term sequel unfortunately, but I can already say that some tracks are being released or created! The BAUWZ project should continue to evolve quietly, and continue on this great momentum!


  • Where do you get your inspiration and who are the artists who influence you the most ?


I often find my inspiration on youtube, on the big music blogging channels (Suicidesheep, Cloudkid, Trap Nation...). I think I've been extremely influenced by artists like Flume, RL Grime, Skrillex, Diplo... ! I love their music and the energy that can come out of their songs, so I try to reproduce this energy in my own songs !


  • What would be or would have been the 3 gigs you would like or would have liked to see in your life ?


I would love to see a DJ Snake, Skrillex or Apashe show! I've been wanting to go to Tomorrowland for a few years now but unfortunately I've never been able to go because of my work and the dates that weren't compatible! I keep my fingers crossed for next year!


  • The 3 tracks that everyone should have in their playlist ?


I would say:

​Rl Grime & Juelz - Formula

Apashe - Lacrimosa

Flume - Sleepless

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