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Credit: AG Concept 

A peaceful childhood in France...

Herjay is the new Pop wave of the decade. Born in the 80's and originally from Bordeaux (France), 

his friends call him JR, first initial of his real name. Author, composer and performer, his hybrid pop music is a real mix of influences from pop to rock and electro music. Rocked since his early childhood by the music of Michael Jackson, Prince and other Soul/Rnb artists, Herjay is a lot of influenced by the Pop scene such as The Weeknd, Miguel or Christine and The Queens...

The beginnings of a promising artist.

With his unique universe, Herjay delivers us in 2015 his first solo project. An EP of 6 tracks called "Phoenix from love" which will be accompanied by 2 video clips for the tracks "Please" and "Natural" and will reach nearly 23,000 people on Youtube.

The project " PILES "


With the echoes of his first project, Herjay comes back to us in October 2018 with a second EP called "PILES". "p.i.l.è.s.s.e." as it is pronounced is a 6 tracks EP revealing his deep identity with a melancholic sound alternating between Pop, Rock and modern Rnb. A unique universe through a melancholic road trip where the sounds call to the imagination of the journey, and to the sensuality of the feelings. Including Pain Of Salvation, Imagine Us, Lust Of Love, Evasion, Soledad, Natural (remix).

Close to his public, he will present his 2nd EP PILES on the stage of the Zénith of Limoges in opening act for Jeremy Frerot, accompanied by his guitarist and his pianist and will receive the support of artists such as Nazim.

2020, an ambitious year for Herjay.


An artist with undeniable potential, Herjay returns once again with the major objective of asserting himself definitively in the French music industry. With a total of 4 video clips released independently and counting nearly 50,000 views on Youtube, Herjay is calmly preparing his next single with his team, a single entitled "MOTEL".

New single, MOTEL...


Today, after many video clips and a discography that is getting more and more beautiful, Herjay comes back at the beginning of April 2020 with "Motel", his new single with Retro Funk vibes and modern Electro/Pop freshness. A dancing single with a "Miami vice" universe of the 80's, calibrated for lovers of wild road trips as well as for clubbers.


This track tells the story of a love encounter between the artist on stage and a woman from the audience, both of them setting off on Californian roads on their way to freedom. A search for the most essential things in life, letting the sensuality of their feelings and their animal thirst to feel alive speak for themselves.

Here is the full discography of Herjay on Spotify !


ARTIST FOCUS   -   April 8th, 2020

  • Hello Herjay, how nice to have you ! For those who don't know you, can you tell us a few words about HERJAY's universe ?


A shared pleasure! My universe is a mix of pop/ rock, electronic music and neo soul influences. Alternating between high and cloud energies, to a more feline and rock energy. 

I like to compose and write with images, metaphors, which surround real themes, such as love and its sensuality, loneliness, or freedom, pain and dream ...


  • You've just released your new single "MOTEL" on our label, a bewitching and mysterious track... What is the story behind this single ?


This project is a trio work with Sylvain, my producer and guitarist friend. I was looking for a fresh, danceable and modern sound. We started with rhythm work, then we looked for pop/funk guitar riffs.

Once the body of the song was composed, we created all around it, the atmosphere of the song : keyboards, napes, details...  The chorus came straight away and then the lyrics of the verses followed. The three-way energy allowed us to be creative.

  • Your team is growing again this year, who are they and is there a strategic objective behind this evolution ?


Yes it's true, for a long time I have been doing it alone like any young artist. I am happy and proud to have a talented team that today shares my ambition. Whether it is my manager, producer, my musicians or the graphic team, they are all pros and buddies, who give my dreams the strength to exist. The goal being to bring them into my vision, create a Herjay identity and a creative emulation.


  • As a singer, what is your creative process to make music ? Do you have any advice to share ?


I write regularly even without music, depending on the inspiration, sometimes flow ideas also come alone. Afterwards the music comes in, which is sometimes proposed to me, or I always supervise the creation and give ideas or I start alone at the piano. Then the track inspires a feeling, a story, toplines and the text is grafted on. I like to work with a group, but I also need moments alone to dive into it and try things out.

My advice n°1: is to follow the inspiration, and when it comes, put everything aside and make the most of it. This can lead to 1, 2 or 3 songs or ideas that will come back later.

N°2: is trust, be demanding with the level of your creation, but trust yourself, to try without judging yourself. Everything that upset the public, was true and intense in emotions.

N°3: instinct must be backed by a good dose of work.


  • You've been making music since you were very young, but is there a moment in your life that was decisive in your immersion in music?

The day a guitarist buddy of mine took me into a studio, that's when I had a trigger to create my first songs and set up my first bands in order to play live as soon as possible.


  • Finally, short quiz at the end: 

Which song will you never get tired of listening to ?

Michael Jackson - Liberian girl

The one you secretly listen to ?

NSYNC - Tearin' up my heart

The song for seduce ?

Herjay - Lust for Love ;)

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