ARTIST FOCUS   -   03.27.2020

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Credit: Lpapillus

LOG aka Thomas is the kind of artist who takes us back to Chicago in the 70's from the first sound played. His secret ? A clever mix between warm, elegant and mixed House, influenced by all the culture of the last 30 years between disco, funky, groovy or garage sounds.

The LOG project was born 7 years ago, and as far as we can say, it hasn't really gotten off the ground! It marks its arrival with several remixes of great classics such as a Funky Edit of DJ Mehdi's track "Tunisia Bambaata", then remixes of Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing, Teddy Pendergrass - You Can't Hide From Yourself, Armand Van Helden - U Don't Know Me and The Magician - Sunlight feat. Years & Years.

It was in 2016 that the legendary New York label Nervous Records spotted him and signed him to its sub-label Nurvous for his first track "Burnin", a tribute track to the 80's boogie scene, with deep house sounds. With the support of accomplished producers such as Laurent Garnier and Black Loops, he now evolves on the French scene, working to bring groove to life, beyond genres and electronic families.

2019 will remain an important year for LOG, with a musical transition to a more melodic and warm House. He releases two new EP's: "Respect" on the Belgian label Loulou Records (label of Kolombo and Loulou Players) and "GRAN TURISMO" on the Australian label, perfectly represent this new artistic direction. A new single "Robespierre" supported by Houseum Records (+130K plays) and its irresistible remix of the classic "No Scrubs" from TLC which we must say doesn't go unnoticed ! 

After having teamed up with the Spanish label theBasement for 2 tracks, he releases at the end of 2019 a new track entitled "Chat Perché" (roosting cat in French) on the nice Toulouse (FR) label

La Couleur Records from the EP "Guess Who?" with his friend Martin Alix from the same universe. 


With its dreamlike synths, disco hits and groovy bass, LOG has not finished exploring his musical mix... Party is coming up in Paris soon, stay tunes..

Recently, LOG was invited to play on Rinse France with his friend Martin Alix, so here is your chance to groove the dancefloor for one hour between classics tracks, ID's and remixes !

On the playlist side, once again LOG has spoiled us by sharing his favourites, routines and unavoidable hits, all available on "Les Fruits du Verger", his Spotify playlist.


ARTIST FOCUS   -   March 27th, 2020

  •  Hi LOG! With the current situation (national lockdown), let's start with what you're doing right now ? Where are you ? How do you keep busy ? What's going on in LOG's world?


I'm currently at home with my wife and my son in Montreuil (Paris). My days are divided in taking care of my son until 6pm and working on my projects in the evening. In other words, I'm well slammed at night ahah. I also spend a lot of time listening to music during the day, I try to make my 6 month old son discover a lot of good things.


  • Last year, we were very spoiled in number of releases with signatures in several labels, what do you have in store for your fans this year ? 


This year is a bit lighter in terms of releases. I had a very busy end of 2019 with the arrival of my son and the resumption of work, which didn't leave me much time to release new tracks. Since the resumption, I decided to start new projects, a little bit far from house music, which are bringing me a lot of happiness. But of course new things are coming in the year for the LOG project, including a release that I love in April and a new collaboration with my friend Martin Alix.


  • Where does this passion for groovy house and disco trend come from? 


I don't really have a precise trigger in my memory, other than the memory of having been marked by disco productions at a young age. Obviously the French touch has been there in the meantime and the whole disco-house wave, with all its evolutions. I realized with time that what I like always has 3 elements: a good bassline, powerful and jazzy chords and a fucking beautiful drum set (programmed or not). From that point on, I can enjoy everything, whether it's house, rnb, indie dance or things that are definitely more pop, like the latest productions for Dua Lipa for example.


  • Following your inspirations, is there one or several artists you would like to work with ?


Clearly there would be many, but I would say the duo Fouk or the Detroit Swindle. I would love to work with their sound to take them to something a little bit different, a little bit more pop but just as rich musically.


  • Finally, can you share with us the three tracks you will never get tired of listening to?


We will try to be original... My 3 love songs at the moment: 


Player - Baby Come Back (100% Love)

Anderson .Paak - Reachin' 2 Much (Pomo's co-signed production is incredible)

Fouk - Night Shift (my boys !!)

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