ARTIST FOCUS   -   04.14.2020

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The rebirth

From his debut at the Loft in 2013, to his arrival at the Warehouse, through the EMF festival main stage in 2015, signatures on Spinnin' Records, warms ups of Malaa, Mercer, Feder and the House turn at the end of 2019 under the NOJACK project... In short, the background is solid and the least we can say is that we would like to be able to read the future to see what he has in store for us ! 

And for these first releases, NOJACK's shows up on Material Series Records (NL), Mihalis Safras' label well known for these tracks in collaboration with Green Velvet on Relief. His first track "Oldschool Rave" cames out on the Materialism WMC 2020 compilation alongside Tough Art and Alvaro Smart (Defected Records) which will signe is second track, a real significant nugget of his House turn. 

Taken in its stride, NOJACK quickly comes back to prove its style by releasing a second track called "People" on the WMC Sampler compilation, signed on the sub-label of Material Series: Space Invaders Records, owned by Alvaro Smart. A track as bewitching as it is intense by the vocals and euphoric synths that you will remember !


His influences and background quickly allowed him to perform on big stages like the FAUST Paris or the Warehouse of Nantes (TOP100 World Clubs). Being part of the new French electronic wave, we discover a sharps, rich and eclectic set that we can't wait to see again on stage.




His Spotify playlist is packed with releases from Nervous, Too Many Rules, CUFF, Solid Grooves, Repopulate Mars, etc. So if all these labels are talking to you then don't hesitate any more, follow NOJACK and go rave !


ARTIST FOCUS   -   April 14th, 2020

  • Hi NOJACK and thank you for being with us today ! Since the end of 2019, a new project is born for you. What was the trigger for this House turn and how did you approach this change of direction?


Thanks to you for the invitation, it's really cool ! Indeed, since the end of 2019 things have been a bit hectic ! Since I started playing music when I was 11 years old, I've always been curious about everything. I was passionate about music, from hip-hop to disco, through more electronic styles like trance, dubstep, techno, or house: I tried absolutely everything live, and to produce too. But until then, I never had this feeling that I had found my style and I didn't know if I would find it at all. After 3 years of experimenting with house / techno music under a different nickname, there were several very strong triggers that made me take this 180° turn. 


The first trigger is the fact that I had a big trigger in the production of my tracks. Until then I was following the trend a little bit mechanically, and I finally found myself producing much more personal things in this style, pushing my ideas to the end, and taking great pleasure in doing so !

The second trigger is the show of course. I'm thinking about the Warehouse in Nantes where I'm resident (proud of it, since they're in the Top100 of the best clubs in the world after 3 years of existence, and 3rd French). But also at the Iode Festival, or at the music festival organized by Carpe Noctem. 


All these dates had a super strong impact on me, I was 200% confirmed in my choice. So I didn't hesitate for a second, and I started the process of creating the new project! 

  • Nojack's image is very elaborate, how would you describe your look, your style and especially the artistic direction you're following?

Actually to be honest, I'm absolutely fascinated by the art direction of some artists. I think of Justice, Prodigy, or Gesaffelstein. Whether you like it or not, their art direction is very detailed ! So it's natural that on my Nojack project, I needed a direction and the one I am is a bit like a Space Cowboy. In definition, he's a free guy who travels in the immensity of music.

  • You just released "Oldschool Rave" and "People" lately. What is your production process and on which DAW do you work ?

As far as my DAW is concerned, I've been producing for 2 years on FL Studio, and 5 years on Logic Pro X. But since 3 months I've been working on Ableton. There too, I really tested everything ahah. What made me completely compete with Ableton is that for creativity, it's much faster. And the management of the audio samples is really clean too. In fact, I recently bought the PUSH2, which is a controller made for Ableton, and creativity becomes quite infinite with this kind of tool. As far as the production itself is concerned, I don't have a precise process. But in 90% of the cases I start with the kick and the bass: which is the backbone of a song. And then there can come a vocal, the rhythm, or a synthesizer. For Oldschool Rave it was the synth first for example. 

  • With the House orientation of the project, which labels and artists influence you ?


I have a lot of influences on that... Right now I'm listening to a lot of releases from Nervous Records (famous New York label). I'm also thinking about Javi Bora's label: Too Many Rules, which is coming out bomb after bomb. I'm really in love with "Bless" by The Mekanism, a French guy too ! And it's impossible to miss the releases of Hot Creation, Jamie Jones' label. Example with this track from Sirus Hood & Paco Wegmann "Rip Tide", it plays super fast, it grooves, it's great !

  • And for 2020, what can we expect ?

Tracks, clubs, festivals, and above all the return of the party!! I hope we'll have a great summer after this bad episode of Covid19.

  • Finally, what are the three essential tracks that everyone agrees in a NOJACK set ? 


To start with I'll say "Rosa" by Andrea Oliva. I know that when I play this track in a club, the tension really goes up a notch. 

Then I recently came across an old track from The Bucketheads "Got Myself Together", that's just the big ball that gives everyone the smile. It's typically the track I'm going to put in my car when I'm done with that damn Corona shit ! 

For the end track, I suggest this kind of UFO: KOKO - Mostrami Come. It's a melodic bomb to play at dawn ! 

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