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How long my music will be live on the platforms ?

  • All albums and singles distributed through Keys Music are 1 year subscription plans.
  • Your subscription starts on the day your upload your music.
  • You will be notified by email 30 days before your renewal is due.
To keep your music online, you must renew your subscription at least 7 business days before the day you've uploaded your music. - One year renew is (Single: €19.99 / Album : €79.99) To renew your music, click here. If you do not renew your subscription, your music will be removed from all digital platforms and will no longer be available.

Do I really need a music agency ?

  • Do I want to make money with my music?
  • Do I want to be listened to all over the world ?
  • Do I want to expand my fan base ?
  • Do I have time to manage my distribution and promotion myself ?
  • Do I spend more time on the administrative vs. the creative process ?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may need a music agency to work on your behalf.

Do platforms take money on my music ?

Yes. In general, platforms that sell music in the form of downloads (such as iTunes, Amazon Music and others), keep 30% of the sale (this is called the retail margin). You keep 70% of the sale (this is called the wholesale price). For platforms that offer songs in full listening, there is a proportionate share that applies differently for each platform. For exemple, Spotify starts paying an artist if someone plays your music over 30 seconds. Remember, Keys Music retains 0% of your sales.

How long does it take to go live on the platforms ?

Keys Music review team should take up to 2 business day to approve your release. Once your release has been approved, it will be sent to stores immediately. At that point, it will be the responsibility of each store to make the release live.

In order to meet a specific release date in as many stores as possible, we recommend uploading content and paying for distribution 3 weeks ahead of your target release date. To avoid any additional delays, please make sure your release meets the formatting requirements.

Here is the general amount of time it takes our stores to process your release and make it live : iTunes (iMusic): 1-3 business days (if there is no internal store review process) Amazon Music: 5 -7 business days Deezer: 3-7 business days Google Play: 2 weeks Spotify: 7 business days Tidal: 5 -7 business days Shazam: 1-2 weeks Napster: 1 week To know more informations about the stores, click on the logo platform here.
Remember, these are approximate and we can never guarantee the exact time your music will go live in these stores.

Can i distribute remixes, mixtapes or mash ups through Keys Music ?

You can, however any time you sample a part of a recording you did not record yourself, you MUST have a license from the owner of that original recording. You cannot distribute any content through Keys Music that you do not hold 100% distribution rights for. Songs where you sample other recordings can get very tricky as you are often required to purchase a master use license from the label or publishing company which holds rights to the original recording. (Sorry, Keys Music cannot provide you with any direct label contact information). If you have any concerns at all that you may not have rights to any audio in a remix, mixtape or mashup you're uploading, please send us a request.

Will i be notified of my upcoming renewal ?

Yes. For annual renewals, we send you a notification email 30 days before your renewal is due.

Beatport's terms and conditions

Beatport is an exclusive store for Dance / Electronic / House music. If you do not make this kind of music, please do not choose to distribute on Beatport (it will not be accepted) Beatport’s music store remains the world’s leading online provider of music, tools and resources customized for the unique needs and demands of DJs, producers, and other music creators, with a catalog of high-definition dance tracks from the world’s top and emerging artists, much of it exclusive only to Beatport. Because Beatport has very high quality conditions, Keys Music works with a different partner to distribute on Beatport, which explains the higher price range. Please note: Sales on Beatport have a commission of 30%. You will receive 70% of your sales (only for Beatport)

What is considered as "EXPLICIT" content ?

The explicit logo is applied when the lyrics or content of a song contain one or more of the following criteria which could be considered offensive or unsuitable for children:

  • Strong language (one word is already enough)
  • References to violence, physical, or mental abuse
  • References of sexualised behaviour
  • Discriminatory language
Please make sure to mark the tracks/your release as explicit, if one of the above statement applies. iTunes may hide your sale in the store if the content is not marked accordingly.
As soon as you mark one track as explicit on your album, the entire release will be marked ‘explicit’ in most of the shops later on.
Explicit content is not sold in Belarus, Burkina Faso, India, Nepal and Uzbekistan iTunes territories.


How long it takes to get your promotion ?

Your promotion will start between 24/48 hours after purchase and will stay online as long as necessary to reach the number of people mentioned in your purchase.

How does the Keys Music promotion works ?

With Keys Music, when you purschase a pack, the promotion is included. We set up advertising campaigns for your music on our streaming partners and on all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud & Youtube and target your audience based on musical taste, age, gender, location and more. Your music will be playlisted and reposted on Spotify, Deezer & Soundcloud.

How can Keys Music benefit me ?

  • Reach fans where they listen today :
The power of radio hasn't changed, but the way people listen to it has. Until now, artists have been forced to promote their music outside of streaming services. As more people listen to streaming radio over terrestrial radio, we will now promote your music where fans listen today.
  • Guarantee your song is heard by the right audience :
The best way to promote a song is to play it to people ! Your songs are played to real people in a target audience who are tuned in to music just like yours on streaming radio. Let your music act as its own advertisement where it lives !
  • Always ensure that your song is being shared to the right streaming service :
People use a variety of different streaming services, and you can't make a decision of which song link to share. With our Smartlinks tools, you can share a single link that automatically reroutes fans to your music within their preferred streaming service.

What is SmartLink ?

In today’s world, people use a variety of different streaming services, so it is difficult for an artist to make a decision of which song link to share. If you solely share your music on Spotify, for example, and most of your audience streams music on Apple, you are losing potential customers. SmartLink is a shareable URL that automatically reroutes fans to your music within their preferred streaming service. You can now share your song, without needing to face the risky decision of which streaming services to direct users to. Once fans click on your link, they are automatically redirected to a page where they can then choose which music streaming service they prefer. You will not lose any more potential people who want to listen to your music ! You won't loose any more potential people who want to listen your music !


How to withdraw my royalties ?

You can send your request to withdraw your royalties at anytime (we do not make automatic transfers) by email at distribution@keysmusicparis.com and choose the amount, and you make it pay on a PayPal account. We only make PayPal transfers, free of charge from Keys Music. Don't have a PayPal account ?

  • Money will be sent on your PayPal account between 1- 2 business days.
If you have not made any sales in a given month on a platform, you will not receive a sales statement. NOTE: If music sales occur in the last few days of a month, platforms will often defer these sales to the next statement. In addition, the money can not be credited to an account until the platforms pay to Keys Music and send us the statements. If sales are reported late, there will be a delay in taking sales into account.

How to know my current balance ?

In general, platforms send monthly sales statements to Keys Music every two months. So, if a sale or stream took place in June, you will receive money and sales reports in August. Send email to distribution@keysmusicparis.com to know your current balance. Once you know your current balance, you'll be able to withdraw your royalties at any times.


What is the different between Keys Music and major compagny ?

Keys Music is a music agency which is manages your content as a major compagny. What major does : Most of the time, a classic major will sign you a contract for your artist profile for a defined period (usualy one year renewable). In this way, you have to send them every productions that you want to post. 2 things can happen : 1. The label like your production and release it within 3 to 8 months. 2. The label doesn't like your production. So you can put in the bin your music because of the exclusivity clause in your contract and you won't be able to send it to another label record because of your contract. You should know that major or label records spend money on your distribution and promotion. That is, they will keep 100% of your royalties until they get a full refund + make a financial profit. You will not even earn 1$ if you do not make at least 1 million plays or 50k sales... What Keys Music does : Unlike major or label record companies, Keys Music does not contract artists and leaves them free to perform as they wish. NO exclusivity clause = no production thrown in the trash. Since you are part of Keys Music's family, you can upload ANY of your productions . Also, you can unsubscribe and leave Keys Music's family whenever you want by sending a request here. With Keys Music, get 100% of your royalties and withdraw whenever you want ! Very easy and convenient, money will be sent to your PayPal account within 1-2 business days. NOTE : Being a Keys Music user means accepting our terms & conditions.

Why Keys Music does not contract artists ?

Keys Music's policy is based on the ease for independent artists. Our goal is to help them grow in the music industry. No contract, no exclusivity clause, we leave the artists free to publish or not their productions by our services. Have a look on our comparison between Keys Music and a label record compagny in the next question.

About the renewal of my music on the platforms

To keep your single alive, you must renew your subscription at least 10 business days before the day you've uploaded your single/album/EP SINGLE : €19.99 /year ALBUM / EP : €79.99 /year - To renew your subscription, click here. REMEMBER : Your music is online for one year (365 days) since the upload day. NOTE : If you do not renew your subscription, your music (single, EP, album) will be removed from all digital platforms and will no longer be available.

Keys Music policy

Anyone wishing to work with Keys Music must be approved by Keys Music review team. Our policy is of very high quality due to platform conditions and all registration forms are reviewed and selected. Partnership : to become a partner of Keys Music, contact us: contact@keysmusicparis.com

Is my agreement with Keys Music exclusive?

No, the agreement is on a release basis and not for your entire catalogue. However, you can not distribute your release with another digital distributor at the same time.

What are the benefits of Keys Music over other music agency ?

  • Never again lost in administrative papers : We send you all your sales / streams reports every month ! We want musicians to focus on what they do best : make music !
  • No contract : We leave you free to upload or not your music with us !
  • We promote you : We set up a campain of promotion on all streaming stores and social medias to reach thousands of people !
  • SmartLink : We provide you a free SmartLink to route listeners to their favorite streaming platforms.
  • Get 100% royalties and no minimum payment required : Get your full royalties of sells and streams. Request a withdrawal via PayPal as soon as you receive your income.
  • Keep 100% Copyright : You have spent so much time making music, so your music will stay yours, whatever it may be.
  • A team there for you : There is a real team behind your music that really takes care of your work and will manage all your content through strategic decisions to make you grow as you deserve !
  • We provide you free ISRC codes for your tracks and a free digital barcode for your exit.
  • Take down your release from the shops anytime free of charge.

About Booking/MGMT

About booking and management with Keys Music Paris : Our booking roster is separe from the distribution agreement. We have a differents terms and conditions with artists that we manage ; that means that is it not included in any pack and it is not a service you can buy . Of course, if you distribute your music through our services, you have more than 100% of being contacted by our Booking / MGMT team. In case that you don't use our publishing services, you can always be part of our roster of booking and/or management. Contact us by email at contact@keysmusicparis.com.

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