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The distance between your dreams and reality is called  "action"

Itunes distributons
Spotify distribution
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Shazam distribution
Shazam distribution

And many more...


Let Keys Music introduce you to the music industry.

Make your money with your music  

Get 100% royalties and withdraw when you want.

Be listened to all over the world 

Worldwide distribution on major platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Shazam and many more.

Expand your fan base 

Reach thousand of people on all social media with real promotion by our planning campaign.

Stay focused

Stop spending time on the administrative and keep working on your productions to make incredible music. 

We manage all your contents and send your sales reports every months.

Post as many production as you like

Worldwide distribution

on all major platforms

Get 100% royalties

Keep 100% copyright

Marketing promotion

Monthly sales report

A team for you

To make good decisions, a real team works on your behalf to set up publishing strategies



Solution to sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and much more.

Music distribution through major music industry

Major platforms distribution

We offer a digital solution to distribute your music on the major platforms worldwide, in exchange for an annual renewal.

Keep everything

You receive 100% of your royalties and keep 100% of your copyright.

Real-time analytic

Our service includes detailed sales tracking and monthly reports. As soon as you share your smart link, our team will be able to track your data and see how fans interact with your music.

 Distribute your music on all major platforms :

Click on the platforms to read their terms & conditions

Smart Link.

track: ASM - Rose Noire EP (Keys Music distribution)

Share your music

in the most intelligent way !


Send fans on good music services with a smart link shareable that automatically routes fans to listen to your songs in their favorite music services.

There is nothing worse than writing six different links to routes your music... Now we provide you only 1 link to share ! 

Don't lose any more people who do not use the right platforms to listen your music.


Promote your music on every social media

will reach thousands of people.

Today, with Internet, the possibilities of being listened by

a large audience are huge but the competition is tough.

Get traffic

We create advertising campaigns for your music by selecting audiences based on several elements :

  • Musical style :

We target people that listens to the same genre as your music.

  • Fans :

We target fans of artists who sounds like you.

  • Playlist :

We target playlist listeners who listen to similar vibes.

Your track

Your music will appear at the right time for the right people.

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Anyone wishing to become a Keys Music member must be approved by Keys Music review team. 

Our artists/labels are of high quality and we reserve the right to validate or not an application for registration.

Partnership : To become a partner of Keys Music, contact us :


Join now Keys Music family. 


"Before Keys Music, artists needed a label to get their music sold online, now let's change the game... "




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Aleks Cameron

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